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SWPC Forums update

Here’s a bit of news about our SWPC Forums from our forum moderator, Kurt Selbert.

Hello everyone,

I am sending out messages to all registered users of the SWPC web forums.  We have a new website, www.shortwingpiperclub.org, and the web forums have been reorganized and updated for user convenience.  Yes, there is still the requirement to have a separate log in for the main site and forums, for now.

A note on logging in to the new web site itself, that process is still being finalized, so your old username and password won’t work.  But, you can do everything as a “guest” except rent tools, so it isn’t really limiting.  Information on how to log in to the main site will be sent out to all members in the next few weeks.

Now I know this will reach many of you who left the club a few years back, some vowing never to return (I was one of those). But, something drew me back and I’m hoping it will you, too.

One of the big problems these forums faced in past years was an inability for many people to log in and thus be able to post, and that is unfortunate. If though you feel like coming back and are unable to log in, please send an email toswpcforums@gmail.com and we can get you squared away asap.

Take care,

SWPC Forums

2 thoughts on “SWPC Forums update”

  1. Mayrn, Thanks for setting up the calander of events. If every chapter would post their events it would be nice. When member were going cross country and were close to an event they could stop by and visit. Also it would help member in the same chapter keep tract of their events.

    Thanks Ted

    1. Ted, Thanks for your comment on the calendar of events. I agree! I’d love to see more chapters post their events. I hope more chapters will. At some point I think I can upgrade our calendar software so SWPC members can post events without having to email me to do it for them. I think that will also be a help.

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