Short Wings Over Saratoga Poker Run

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

submitted by SWPC 2013 Convention Chair, Andy Seligson

The Poker run will take place Wed. July 3rd – approx. 9:30-10:00 am

At practically every SWPC convention I’ve attended, there was a poker run. They were always fun to participate in. Peter Lubig wanted flying activities at the convention. He’s right; this is a flying club with airplanes & pilots. There is some beautiful scenery in this area. Why not participate, get a chance to see the area from above, perhaps give a ride to a member who didn’t fly to Saratoga, and just maybe, you will beat Rico Cannone’s hand and win the prize (Rico always seems to be the winner at any contest I can recall)! As far as poker and procedures go, the best hand (5 cards/no joker) is the winner. A tie/ties split the prize. You will fly from Saratoga (5B2) to four airports, where a volunteer will staple your pick to your entry blank. It is a $10 per hand fee that many have already signed up & paid for. Yes you can pay for an entry slip at the convention. You may also play more than one hand for an additional $10, but the volunteer will only staple one card to each entry slip.

The route is simple. From Saratoga (5B2) to Bennington, Vermont (DDH) ias about 29 nm. From (DDH) to Garnsey’s (B04) airport in Schuylerville, N.Y. on th Hudson is about 18 nm. Garnsey’s is a good turf strip (better than many paved ones) with no services available. From Garnsey’s to Glens Falls, N.Y (GFL) Bennett Memorial is about 17 nm north along the Hudson. GFL has a decent restaurant for breakfast/lunch. Then it’s on to Fulton County (NY0) in Johnstown, N.Y. which also has a restaurant for breakfast & lunch and is about 38 nm SW of GFL. A short hop back to (5B2) Saratoga for your fifth card is about 21 nm east of Johnstown.

This can be a no–pressure pleasure flight to see the sights, maybe give someone a ride, and win a small fortune (emphasis on small). We will have a signup sheet for both the Poker Run and the flight to Basin Harbor, Vermont (B06) on the 4th for lunch at the Red Mill restaurant (adjacent to their 3000’ turf/carpet runway, for anyone looking for an available seat. If you are going (we encourage you) and have a seat or seats available, please let me know. If the weather is not good on Wednesday, we’ll try it on Thursday morning. If we’re weathered out, you will be refunded your entry fee. We hope to soon have information on a walking Poker Run where you can walk to several shops in town and, for the same $10 entry fee, get a poker hand ( and possibly patronize that merchant ). Stay tuned for further information.


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In Memory of Lew Porter

It is with great sadness that the SWPC Board announces the passing of one of our Short Wing Family members, Lew Porter.

For those of you who may not have known Lew and his involvement with the SWPC, Lew served as the SWPC Chapter Coordinator from 2002 until just recently when his illness, mesothelioma (a type of cancer) forced him to step down from that position. Lew and his wife, Lily, have been members of the club since 1989 and members of the Mid-Atlantic chapter. Both Lew and Lily attended almost all of the annual SWPC Conventions as well.

Here is an excerpt of a message that Lily sent to our Membership Chair and SWP News Editor, Eleanor Mills:

Dear Eleanor and all friends at the Short Wing Piper Club,

So sorry to tell you that Lewis passed away on Sat. 18th of May at 9:15 p.m. after being surrounded by the family and was very alert and saying prayers and was in good spirits.  … Lewis will be greatly missed by ME, the family and all who knew him!!

Lots of love to one and all, Lily

You can read Lew Porter’s obituary if you click HERE

Our current Chapter Coordinator, Adolph Svec, has this memory to share of Lew:

I will miss waiting for him to board the bus at this year’s convention. Khaki shorts, an SWPC convention shirt de jour, white socks standing tall, sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat and an ice cream cone is the image that comes to mind.  And always a smile, steeped in kind words……a gentleman indeed.  Godspeed, Lew.


Aircraft Parking & Tent Camping At Convention

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

submitted by 2013 SWPC Convention Chair – Andy Seligson

We’ve had some positive developments regarding aircraft parking at the Saratoga airport (5B2) in the last 24 hours. I don’t want to sound repetitive, but this town & location has soooo much to offer anyone! The airport is an uncontrolled field with 4000’ & 4700 paved runways, an active sailplane presence, one FBO (same price for fuel by truck or pump for us), and various areas of hard surface aircraft parking with rings in the concrete for tiedown ropes. We explained to the eager FBO & airport manager exactly what we want to do with this convention and how many aircraft we are expecting. No problem says the manager. There’s plenty of ramp space over there, over there, and over there. Do you know where over there is? We didn’t either and kept getting vague responses (and nervous). Why can’t we just park on all that empty grass on this huge tract of land? Because it’s protected as a butterfly breeding area and the county has a ban on aircraft parking! I had a conversation with Kurt Selbert about this last night and he almost couldn’t believe this, except he lives in California.

Yesterday, Rico Cannone, our chapter & convention treasurer (based at Saratoga) met with the manager and got some great news. The grass area adjacent to his hangar is not owned by the county, & we can park about 14 planes there! Not only that, but they will permit tent camping under the wing in this grass area. The FBO (North American) has good facilities including showers that will be available. We are looking into portable toilets. The paved ramp adjacent to this area has plenty of room for tiedowns. You must bring your own rope!! If you want to park/tent on this grass area, it will be 1st come 1st served, unless you make a prior request for a grass spot through me: or 914-337-2968. If you are parking on the grass you’ll need anchors & rope. On the pavement, only rope. We’ll have volunteers with handheld radios to direct parking. Wow, it’s almost July!! Hope to see you in Saratoga.

Who are the Champions?

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Did you read Return of the Champions!, an article about the 2013 SWPC Convention? Click HERE to read that story.

Who are the Champions was written by SWP News Editor, Eleanor Mills. The piece was published in the Jan-Feb 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 13-14.

(Editor’s Note: Since the 2013 convention will feature returning champions, I did a bit of research to find out just which Short Wings have been named grand champions of the conventions. While some of them have changed hands, at least two of them went to current members. Some of the owners of the champions have let their membership lapse since their awards were given, but a lot of them are still in the club. Here’s your list:)

The first grand champion named at a convention was evidently N2519P, a Pacer owned by Richard Zukowitz, in 1986. Current owner is Dean Dayton

Others are as follows:

1987 N2216A, a PA-22 owned by Ken Kellogg

1988, N4597Z, a Colt owned by Wayne Richert

1989 and 1990, N2381P, a PA-22 owned by Noel Gouldsmith (in 1989 it won Best Restored, the top prize)

1991, N5796H, a PA-16 Clipper owned by Mitch Freitag (destroyed in fatal crash)

1992, N3301Z, a PA-22/20 owned by Jim and Jerry Brown

1993, N4186H, a PA-15 Vagabond owned by Mark Kaufman

1994, N4307H, a PA-15 Vagabond owned by Paul and Joan Goad

1995, N3373A, a PA-22/20 owned by Frank Sperandeo, which was rebuilt again and won again in 2002

1996, N4742Z, a Colt owned by Wicks Aircraft

1997, N6929D, a PA-22 owned by Wayne Haub. Current owner is Dave Sterling

1998, N2848P, a PA-22 owned by Kenny Brown and his partner at the time, Joe Fleeman

1999, N5351Z, a Colt owned by Scott Brunner

2000, N9803D, a PA-22 owned by Bill Miles

2001, N6937K, a PA-20 owned by John & Belinda Hudec

2002, Miss Pearl again

2003, N3915P, a PA-22/20 owned by Ralph & Sherri Smith

2004, N5834H, a PA-16 Clipper, Red Lady, owned by Gilbert & Barbara Pierce

2005, N5191Z, a Colt owned by Drew & Jim Jenkins

2006, N2641A, a PA-22 owned by Stanley Chrobak, restored by Doug and Dan Stewart, and flown by Frans Verlaeckt

2007, N7429K, a PA-20 owned by Ed and Elise Holt

2008, N4612H, a Vagabond owned by Jim and Beth Hudgin

2009, N33144A, a PA-22 owned by Rick and Carroll Michalek

2010, NC4643H, a Vagabond owned by Don Seifert

2011, N8113D, a PA-22/20 owned by Dave Hedditch

2012, N5393H, a PA-16 Clipper owned by Roni MacPherson

Return of The Champions!

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

This article was written by 2013 Convention Director, Andy Seligson, and was published in the Jan-Feb 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 10 – 13.

Peter Lubig, president of the Short Wing Piper Club, had a good idea for this year’s Short Wings Over Saratoga SWPC convention (Peter has a lot of good ideas). How about encouraging past award winners from past conventions to attend this year’s convention in Saratoga, N.Y.? I thought that was a good idea on many counts.

First of all, I have seen some amazing species of Short Wing Pipers show up at conventions going back to 1986 when I joined the Short Wing Piper Club. To be honest, I really wasn’t all that involved with Short Wing Pipers at that time.

One of my first airplane rides (that I can remember) was in a Pacer out of Ramapo Valley Airport in Spring Valley, N.Y. While my father had a Stearman (which I got my private ticket in), it was a Short Wing Piper that had a lasting impression! Three adults and a kid, flying out of an 1800 foot strip to go to Montauk, N.Y., for the beach and seafood on a summer’s day. I was in the rear and couldn’t see a thing forward (kind of like the Stearman). I used to give sight-seeing rides in a 160 hp Tri-Pacer at the old Flushing airport.

That was it until my wife and I bought our Tri-Pacer in 1986. It was basically for commuting between Westchester County and the Long Island shore where we had a beach house and flying business. I really didn’t know much about the Colt, and the rest of the SWP’s were a vague notion. I stumbled upon a Mid-Atlantic chapter meeting at the Flying W airport in South Jersey and the rest was history.

At my first convention in Oklahoma (1987?), I got to see, close up, some amazing aircraft! All the different “species” were there. I didn’t know a thing about the Vagabond. The Clippers I saw were amazing. The PA- 22/20 was a most impressive aircraft.

There were a few Tri-Pacers and Colts that had to have looked better than the day they left Lock Haven! All these award-winning convention planes were restored by some very hard- working people. Many of them were done by their owners. A lot of people do not realize that some of these planes can actually carry four adults! Some of these award winners are truly works of art. I will not mention individuals at this time, but you past winners know who you are. Some of these planes have exchanged hands over the years.

One complaint that is heard from some of our more progressive board members and general membership is that our organization could be an adjunct of AARP! Yes, I’m one of them. I can’t tell you how many times I fly into some airport in the northeast and have folks come up to my plane and ask —- what is it? The majority of the new flying population knows of the Cirrus, glass paneled Cessna, etc. Not of our amazing Short Wing Pipers.

It is partly to remedy this situation that we want to showcase the best of our breed to the aviation community. We hope to have a national (international?) aviation media concern attend our convention this summer. They have been interested in our Short Wing Pipers and the SWPC but have not had the time to do a real story on us at Sun ‘n Fun or Oshkosh. Here’s their (and our) chance. What better way to show off than to have more than one “beauty” in attendance? Besides this media organization, we will be having some of the local media (TV and print) from the Albany, N.Y., area in attendance for even more exposure. No doubt, there will be some award to a returning “past champion” at the Saratoga Convention.

We hope this can be an incentive for some of you past award winners to join us for fun and camaraderie this July 1- 4 in Saratoga, N.Y. There are certainly many past award winners this side of the Mississippi, and I know that many who hail from west of the river plan to attend. Even if you can’t make the entire convention, try to make some of it to share our “treasures” with the rest of the aviation community. Saratoga has so much to offer and to do. Your being there with your Short Wing Piper would only make it more special. I hope to see many of you in Saratoga, N.Y., this July. —- Andy

Who are the Champions? Click HERE to find out.

Planning Continues for the 2014 Convention in SMX

SWPC Convention 2014

This article was published in the March-April issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 23-24. Submitted by Joe Cronan, Connie Stevens, and Lou Reinkens, 2014 SMX Convention Co-directors.

Greetings SWPC BOD and Interested Members,

Currently, the 2012 Ogden Convention is at our 6 o’clock, 2013’s Saratoga Convention is at our 12 o’clock leading us toward July festivities. We are hoping that it’s not too soon for you to be also thinking about 2014 and the SWPC Convention in Santa Maria, California (Set for June 22-27, with headquarters at the Radisson Hotel). Our brief Update 2 is below:

Our first Update and draft of the 2014 SWPC Convention schedule of events and preliminary budget was completed and E-mailed to the Board and other interested persons in November 2012.

The Radisson Hotel Santa Maria contract has been signed with a $500 deposit to secure the reserved rooms and services at negotiated rates.

Tours are secured and transportation is currently under negotiation.

Event dates for our Arrival Welcome and Movies have been secured at the SMX Flight Museum.

The 2014 SMX Convention patch and logo design is completed and with the contractor.

Technical and Vendor Forum schedules are receiving positive responses and commitments from presenters.

Speakers for our Membership Luncheon and Awards Banquet are secured.

Achieving our soon-to-be adjusted budget successfully is dependent upon developing our Convention website, SWPN & media articles, advertising and marketing material for the 2013 Saratoga Convention. The promotion that closes 2013 in NY will set the tone for 2014.


Joe Cronan, Connie Stevens, and Lou Reinkens, 2014 SMX Convention Co-directors

If you’d like to be involved before and/or during this 2014 event, please, contact Connie: c_i_stevens@ We gladly welcome your assistance. Areas like IT, Social Media, Promotion, Registration, Door Prizes, the Silent Auction, and van drivers – all need more participants.

Our 2014 Mission

Encouraging increased Convention attendance and SWPC membership while sharing the SWPC philosophy of education and technology, camaraderie and flying.

Chapter Presidents’ Meeting Set

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013 – July 1st – 4th

Just in case you missed reading about this in the Short Wing Piper News (May-June 2013 issue, page 34),  SWPC Chapter Coordinator, Adolph Svec, shared details on the upcoming Chapter Presidents’ Meeting.

The chapter presidents will have their annual meeting Wednesday, July 3rd, at 7:00 a.m. This will be a good time to share ideas, gripes and possible solutions. It can afford us an opportunity to accomplish things in a better and more efficient way. If possible, please make sure a representative from your chapter attends in the event the president cannot.

The chapter annual reports, which should now all be in, will give a good basis for looking at the SWPC “vitals,”

of what is working, where and how. In the past, the meeting has been called for 7 a.m. with breakfast sort or woven in. This year, a continental breakfast will be provided instead, so that the meeting time allotted can be the most productive.

Should you have thought of an agenda item(s) not yet sent to me, please do so ASAP so those can be reviewed for possible inclusion in the agenda.

If by chance you live in an area which may be considering establishing or re-establishing a chapter, feel free to attend this meeting. We will find extra chairs if needed. : )

June 18th Free Gift Drawing

Remember that June 18th is your last day to enter this great Free Gift Drawing!

Just in case you missed reading about this in the Short Wing Piper News (May-June 2013 issue, page 3-4),  SWPC President, Peter Lubig announced another SWPC Free Gift Drawing!

A Rosen Sunvisor is the next FREE gift. Just think, you can now see where to go!!!

Can you believe we have a set of Rosen Sunvisors for the next SWPC Free Gift. I have made contact with the Director of Sales and Marketing, Steve Sperley, and after I explained the “what’s and why’s” of the SW Club he was very impressed and wished to support us.

These sunvisors have their own STC, (number SA01251SE), so you can feel great about installing them.


How to enter: Send an email to:
“Rosen” and your membership number (that’s all)

Your name will then be put in our drawing for this great gift.

**** DRAW Date: June 18th, 2013 ****


Seminar on STCs & 337s Announced

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013 – July 1st – 4th

Following is a Short Wings Over Saratoga Convention 2013 update from convention chair, Andy Seligson

We have a change in the convention schedule as it pertains to seminars. It was hoped that we could offer a seminar on aviation weather, given by a FSS briefer. Unfortunately the briefer could not be available for the convention. The best he could do was a presentation via Skype. I explained that this would not be acceptable for a group like ours. People aren’t going to travel across the country to see a seminar on Skype.

Enter plan two. The Board has been concerned about technical articles printed in the Short Wing Piper News. Mostly, they were concerned about the liability issue. A legal disclaimer is printed in every issue. I thought that a seminar on STCs & 337s would be a perfect presentation for our Short Wing Pipers. These aircraft certainly have a long list of alterations, making some of them far better than the day they left Lock Haven. What better presenter than Alan K. Miller, Principal Maintenance Inspector at the Albany, NY FSDO. Mr. Miller has done presentations for the Northeast chapter over the years. He was most enthusiastic about doing this seminar! He deals with this area every day. SWPC Technical Advisors will also be on hand to help Mr. Miller field any type specific questions that may arise.

This seminar will take place at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday July 2nd after the Business Meeting, at approximately 4-4:30 pm. Peter Lubig’s seminar on aerial photography will now follow the Meet and Greet on Monday July 1st. The tentative time for the Meet & Greet is 5-6 pm in the Holiday Inn lounge. The time will be approximately 6:30 in the Holiday Inn. Please make note of these two changes. Please remember that all registered attendees are welcome to the Meet & Greet. It’s a cash bar with hot & cold hors d’oeuvres.

I have heard from a total of one person about donations for door prizes. Any reasonable aviation related, or non related item will be accepted. I will notify all chapter Presidents.

One last item that will be repeated many times. Bring your own tie down ropes! There are rings in the concrete ramp area to attach the ropes to.  No parking on any grass surface.