First Pictures of 2013 Convention

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

It’s actually very early on Sunday morning. The Mibus Family has decided to drive to the convention instead of fly. We just checked in to a hotel in Madison, Wisconsin for the night and hope to arrive in Saratoga Springs on Monday in time for the Meet and Greet on Monday evening.

Convention Chair, Andy Seligson, sent the first convention pictures. Here’s the first three airplanes that arrived at Short Wings Over Saratoga.

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Saturday Convention Update

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Well the weather isn’t looking that great for people who are planning to fly in to the convention right now. There’s a stationary front along the east coast which is blocking the weather and keeping rain and thunderstorms over the Great Lakes region.

At this moment, my family is sitting in a nice little FBO in Rushford, Minnesota, about 100 miles from our home base at SkyHarbor Airpark (1MN8). We started out for Saratoga Springs late this morning with the hopes of making it to Ohio today. But the weather forced us to land. So we ordered pizza and now are talking about what we are going to do. Flying our original route looks pretty much impossible. We have discussed flying north and then east. There is a lake in the way, though. We’ve even talked about going up through Canada. And we have talked about, for the first time ever, actually driving to the convention.

Right now it looks like we’re going to fly the Pacer back home and then drive. We’ve never been on a long road trip with the kids before. I think the longest car trip they’ve ever been on is about 4 hours so they are in for a bit of a surprise. It will take us about 20 hours to get to Saratoga Springs by Chevy Impala. We will, however, save quite a bit on fuel and see many sites along the way.

Jerry and Kay Isbell drove to the convention and arrived on Friday (I believe I’m correct on their arrival date). Jerry reported via the SWPC’s  Facebook page: “I just visited the airport here to test the driving from the hotel-airport-hotel. Is very easy. Still only one short wing there. The agent at the FBO told me he was advised the number of short wings to expect went from near 50 to 40 and now down to a number in the thirty range.”

So it looks like others are deciding to scrap the flying idea and are driving. The important thing, of course, is for all of us to play it safe!

We’ll be reporting in with more convention information as we get it.

Fly and drive safely and see you in Saratoga Springs!

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Convention Weather

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Pilots are always interested in the weather and Short Wing pilots are no exception! We’re especially interested in the weather when it’s convention time and we have to make go/no-go decisions. Are we going to fly? Decide to drive? Will we decide to drive then wish we would have flown? So many questions and it seems no matter how much we check the forecast the weather does what it wants to do!


My family plans to fly out Saturday morning from Minnesota and overnight in Ohio then head to Saratoga Springs from Ohio on Sunday. That’s our plan, anyway. Right now it’s windy and looking a bit rainy at our house. So we’ll check the forecast yet again tonight and wake up bright and early (okay, we’re not actually good at the bright and early thing) and see what the weather is doing and make a decision on what we do then.

Some of our favorite sources for the weather include the Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)website, the Aero Weather app on our iPad and iPhone and DUATS (Direct User Access Terminal Service) for getting our official pilot briefing and to file flight plans.

We don’t use this resource often but a great place to get a 10 day  forecast for a city or area is The  Weather Channel. Click HERE for a direct link to the Ten Day Weather Forecast for Saratoga Springs.

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PA22/20-160, N2544p

What are your favorite weather resources?

And what are your plans for the convention? Are you flying in with your Short Wing Piper? Driving? Commercial airlines? Train? 

Feel free to post them in the comments section below!

First Arrival!

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Short Wings Over Saratoga Convention chair, Andy Seligson, reports that we’ve had our first convention arrival – Larry Jenkins arrived at Saratoga County Airport (5B2) safe and sound in his Clipper.

Larry, who happens to be our Education Foundation Director as well as the manager of our Short Wing Piper Club store,  flew in from Hernando, Mississippi.

Congratulations to Larry on being our first arrival to SWPC Convention 2013 – Short Wings Over Saratoga!

SWPC 2O12 & KOSH 2012 626
Here’s a picture of Larry and 2012 scholarship recipient Tyler Densford standing in front of Larry’s Clipper. This picture was not taken at the 2013 Convention.


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Rosen Visor Winner Announced

Here’s some news about our most recent Free Gift drawing from SWPC President Peter Lubig.

Our most recent Free Gift drawing took place on June 18th. This time the Free Gift was a Rosen Sunvisor and our winner was Phil Pirrotta from Hillsboro, Oregon!

Congratulations, Phil!

Phil Pirrotta Tri-Pacer N6931D

Here’s some information on Phil from Eleanor: Phil has been a member since 2004. He owns a blue and white Tri-Pacer, N6931D, a 1957 model. He bases it at the Hillsboro, Ore., airport, which has an active Short Wing contingent. In the May-June issue of the Short Wing Piper News, Phil is quoted as saying, “Glad to report that since last year we have added a fifth Tri-Pacer, owned by Curt Jutzi, to the Tee Hangers here at the Hillsboro, Ore., airport. We helped new student pilot Curt fly this plane back from Dallas, Texas, during the summer. There also is a sixth Tri-Pacer in parts being rebuilt by Al Brewer that should join us in the near future. We meet every Thursday evening for what we call ‘Hangar Night’ made up of Columbia River Chapter members and friends.”




Theme and Logo Promise a Good Time at the 2014 Convention

A West Coast Adventure – SWPC Convention 2014

June 22 – 27, 2014

This article was published in the July-August 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News, page 15. Submitted by Lou Reinkens, Connie Stevens, and Joe Cronan, 2014 SMX Convention Co-directors.

From your 2014 convention directors Lou Reinkens, Connie Stevens, and Joe Cronan

2014 Logo & Theme

A West Coast Adventure for Short Wing Pipers is the theme for next year’s SWPC Santa Maria convention. From the logo above you can get a hint of a few of our coming events. The red rocket highlights the tour of our West Coast Spaceport, Vandenburg AFB (tentative). The Pismo Beach pier is also a destination of one of our tours. The third tour not illustrated in our logo is to Solvang and a few local California Missions.

The PA 22/20 is on an Ocean Arrival for KSMX where the Club’s original five ‘F’s have been expanded to seven to include Forums and, for those of you flying in, you will be exercising Freedom of flight.

We hope you will enjoy our future articles describing the first National SWPC Convention in California. The tentative schedule of events is also in this issue (see below). In future SWPNews articles, we will bring more details to you as they become finalized.

Lou, Connie, and Joe

(Editor’s note from Eleanor: Even the Mission Statement of the convention promises a good time: “Encouraging increased convention attendance and SWPC membership while sharing the SWPC philosophy of education, technology and safety, camaraderie and flying.”)

2014 SWPC Convention Preliminary Schedule - Page 1. Click on image to view full-size.
2014 SWPC Convention Preliminary Schedule – Page 1. Click on image to view full-size.
2014 SWPC Convention Preliminary Schedule - Page 2. Click on image to view full-size.
2014 SWPC Convention Preliminary Schedule – Page 2. Click on image to view full-size.


Just around the Corner – Convention 2013

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Have you been paying attention to the Countdown to Convention widget on the bottom center of our website? Right now it says the 2013 Convention is just 11 days, 5 hours, 15 minutes and 17 seconds away. That means that Short Wings Over Saratoga is just around the corner – less than two weeks away! I’m sure excited to attend the convention this year and Short Wings Over Saratoga will be The Mibus Family’s 11th convention in a row. Rose and Ryan, my kids, are excited to see upstate New York and we’re planning to spend a couple of days in New York City after the convention wraps up, too. The SWPC Convention has become a family tradition for us – it’s a great way for our family to see different parts of the country, have a great vacation experience and meet up with members of our Short Wing Family in the process!

Countdown to Convention

Andy Seligson, our Convention Chair, and his crew from the Northeast Chapter of the SWPC have been hard at work getting everything ready for us so we can have a great time. My family is especially excited to go on the Saratoga National Battlefield Site tour on Tuesday morning. Part of the excitement is that our niece, who lives in Rhinebeck, NY, will be joining us that day for the tour. We also are excited about the Lake George Dinner Cruise. Actually, we’re excited about most everything and are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Here’s some bits of information about Short Wings Over Saratoga that might come in handy:

Main 2013 Convention Page Click HERE for our main 2013 SWPC Convention webpage

Schedule – Wondering what’s happening during the convention? Curious about trips and seminars? Click HERE to visit our Schedule page

Registration – If you haven’t yet registered for Short Wings Over Saratoga you still can register. You can find information about registering, including a link to the option to register online, at our Convention 2013 Registration page – just click HERE to find the page.

Airport: Looking for some basic information on our Convention Airport? Click HERE to go to our Airport page

Lodging: If you haven’t yet made a reservation for the hotel be sure to do so soon! Click HERE to go to our Lodging page.

Latest Convention News – Be sure to read the Latest News posts to keep up on what is going on at the convention. Whether you are at the convention or unable to attend, reading these posts will keep you up to date on what is happening. We hope to be posting pictures as well! To make it easier to find all Convention news in one place on the website, I’ve created a Latest Convention News page with a listing of convention news stories.

Click HERE to go to the Latest Convention News page.

You can also find a link to the Latest Convention News page through our navigation bar at the top of each website page.

Latest Convention News

You can also find an abbreviated list of the Latest News on the right side of the Home page and the right sidebar of every other page of the website.

That’s about all for now. There’s always lots to do before we take off across the country for the SWPC Convention and I’d better get a few more things checked off my t0-do list.

See you in just 11 days, 4 hours, 33 minutes and 27 seconds!

~Your Website Content Manager – Myrna

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.26.27 PM



2013 Convention Updates

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Short Wings Over Saratoga, our 2013 SWPC Convention, starts in just two weeks! Here are some important updates and reminders from our Convention Chair, Andy Seligson

New seminar added : Have you ever found yourself with a dead battery and no jumpstart in sight? Many of us have. There is a way, if done properly and safely, to start that Short Wing Piper (or many other General Aviation aircraft). It’s called hand propping. Member Bill Natale will offer a seminar on hand propping at the airport around 10:00 am on Tuesday July 2nd (weather permitting). Bill is a seasoned pro, A&I, former Bush Pilot in Alaska, and owner of such “toys” as a Waco & Great Lakes Bi-Plane, C-170, Clipper, & PA 12. There are those of us who have, do, and wish they could hand prop a plane. If done the right way, it could save the day. I had to do this twice in one day at our May Fly-in, thanks to a careless FBO that left the master switch on! That’s 10:00 am on Tuesday July 2nd at the airport.

Poker Run: We are encouraging you to think about entering the poker run and offering any empty seats that you are comfortable with, to a member without wings. There will be a sign up board at the Holiday Inn. The entry fee is a big $10 a hand. Each hand has its own registration card. If you pre-paid for yours, you will receive it at registration in the Holiday Inn. You can play as many hands as you wish; one card per entry form. Last card received when you return to Saratoga (5B2). This will be about 9:30 am on Wednesday July 3rd (the 4th is the rain date). Click HERE to read more about the Poker Run.

A reminder about under the wing tent camping: We have 2 good areas for grass tie-downs. One for tent camping under the wing. The other for grass tie–downs. If you plan to tie down on the grass make sure to bring your own anchors & rope! There will be 2 port-a-potties adjacent to our parking area. There is ample tie down space on the paved ramp adjacent to the grass area. As with the grass tie downs – make sure to bring your own tie down rope!! Click HERE to read more about Aircraft Parking & Camping.

Door prizes are starting to come in. They range from many cash gifts ( for “fuel $$”), aviation books, a free conversion of your headset to an ANR, and 2 open cockpit bi-plane rides in Bill Natale’s Great Lakes. Raffles and drawings will be at the Members Luncheon and Banquet.

Saratoga Battlefield Trip: As of this writing (6/17/13 9:18 pm edt) there is only one seat left for the Saratoga Battlefield trip. We will need at least 15 more for another bus. If paths were crossed and one has paid for this, we’ll try to get alternate transportation or make a refund.


Event Spotlight – Pylon Airport 50 Year Reunion

The Short Wing Piper Club website has our Events Calendar so the Club, chapters and other aviation groups can post events that might be of interest to SWPC members.

I plan to do an Event Spotlight from time to time to showcase aviation events. There’s an event coming up on Saturday in Texas that looks especially fun, the Pylon Airport 50 Year Reunion. The organizers of the reunion are looking for information about the people who were involved in this now closed airport. Even if you can’t attend the reunion, give this Event Spotlight a read. Maybe you’ll have some information or pictures somewhere that will help out the Pylon Airport gang!   ~Myrna/Website Content Manager

Here’s some information from one of the Pylon Airport Reunion organizers, Joel Russell, with some information about Pylon Airport and their reunion event.

My Dad, Tom Russell (solo’d in ’49) and his friend Sid Fisher (solo’d in ’52) met in the mid 50’s and by the late 50’s were looking to start an airport. Land was purchased in Arlington, TX., hangers built and the small house that Dad had constructed for he and Mom was moved in to become the office building. The first plane landed there in May 1960. At the beginning there were at least 6 Luscombs and an Ercoupe. Soon after followed all kinds of “short wings”, 120/140’s, Bellanca, Fairchilds and more.  I was born in 1959,  and Pylon was a great place to grow up. Mom says at the age of 3 I’d walk the line of hangers knowing what each plane was and who owned it. Never one to know a stranger I enjoyed rides “around the patch” from any and everyone.

Pylon Airport
Pylon Airport

Unfortunately on December 20th 1965, Dad crashed his clip wing Cub while doing a slow roll down the runway and was killed. Sid carried on with the airport until the property was needed and purchased by the Arlington ISD in 1975. Today there is nothing left except an Mulberry tree my Mother planted that stood in front of the office.

I have been working on this “reunion” now for about 10 months and have placed flyers at all the surrounding airports, several on line with other sites including what has been a real gold mine, “Little Known and Abandoned Airfields” web site.

Pylon Airport - Joe & Old Blue
Pylon Airport – Joe & Old Blue

The meeting will be held June 22nd 2013 at the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport Terminal Building, Grand Prairie, TX. from 12:00-5:00. We are asking that anyone who might have photos to send them to this email so they can be included in a Power Point display, and to bring any mementos from Pylon. We hope to have several people fly in including one of the original Luscombs that belonged to one of the earliest Pylon members.

Click HERE to go to the Pylon Airport 50 Year Reunion listing on our Events Calendar or click on the image below to view full size.

Pylon Logo-Model