Member Bob Christensen mentioned in AirVenture article

SWPC at AirVenture

A member of our Short Wing Family, Bob Christensen of Ashton, Idaho, was featured in an article on AirVenture’s website on Tuesday, July 30th. Thanks to member Zac Weidner who posted a link to the article on our Club’s Facebook page.

The article, written by Jack Hodgson is titled Around the Field: An EAA chapter vice president, and a schoolteacher firebomber. In it, Hodgson talks to Bob about OshKosh and his 1960 PA22 Tri-Pacer. The second part of the article profiles two other EAA members, Shahar Golan and his son Roi, both from Detroit.

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To read the story about Bob Christensen, click HERE or on the image below.

Bob Christensen AirVenture

Oregon Aero Deal for SWPC Members during AirVenture

SWPC at AirVenture

During OshKosh/AirVenture 2013, Oregon Aero has extended a special offer to SWPC members to get an additional 5% discount on advertised show specials through August 15th. Oregon Aero specializes in making your flying experiences more comfortable with the many products they offer like seat cushions and headset upgrade kits. Be sure to check out their products on their website,, or visit them at OshKosh to see their products first hand.

If you are at OshKosh, you can find Oregon Aero in Building C, Booth 3151-3155. Pick up a special 5% off flyer from the SWPC Table in the Type Club Building (in the Vintage Hangar about 100 feet south of the VAA Red Barn ) or print out this one from the website and hand  it in to Oregon Aero when you place your order.

If you are not able to attend AirVenture but would like to get the special 5% off deal, just call Oregon Aero at 1-800-888-6910 and mention that you are a member of the Short Wing Piper Club and would like an additional 5% off of the AirVenture specials.

Thanks Oregon Aero for supporting the Short Wing Piper Club and our members with this extra 5% off deal!Oregon Aero OSH Deal

Short Wings at AirVenture – Day One

SWPC at AirVenture

It’s opening day at EAA’s AirVenture 2013 and there’s a lot of Short Wings on the field and a good number of our Short Wing Family already enjoying OshKosh!

If you are looking for a place to connect with other SWPC members, want to find out information about joining the SWPC or have questions about Short Wing Piper airplanes, be sure to stop  by our SWPC table in the Type Club building located in the Vintage Hangar about 100 feet south of the VAA Red Barn.

Here’s a couple of reports from the field from SWPC members and some new pictures.

Amber & Tom McKernan arrived at OSH on Sunday evening. They flew their 1963 Colt in from New York and are Parked in Row 101 E in Vintage next to a 172 Cessna from Oklahoma. Here’s what Amber had to say on our Facebook page:

“Home for the next week! Dry and partly sunny…a perfect day. It is especially nice after the rather miserable evening weather yesterday. Thank goodness for a space blanket from our on-board survival kit. Nice and cozy…crinkly, but toasty warm.

Tom & Amber McKernan’s 1963 Colt, N5883Z, all ready for a fun time at AirVenture 2013

Met another Piper Colt owner last night a few rows up. We traded stories of enjoying the quirks of these fine little planes that get us where we want to go (at a leisurely pace). 

The crowds are coming in at a steady pace, and most trams to get from place to place on the grounds are full of riders. Spoke with a gentleman from Korea on the blue tram. His companions were here for the first time; it is his second. I am always impressed by the ease with which complete strangers strike up conversations here. We have met so many great people here in the few years we’ve been coming.

Our campsite is by the taxiway where the big airshow planes do their run-up and get ready to head out each morning. They sound like a nest of angry hornets…..I love that sound!”

Amber also reported early Monday afternoon that the  general aircraft camping and  parking areas are both 70% full. If you want to check on the latest Aircraft Parking, click HERE

Bryan Hunt from Illinois made it to OshKosh on Saturday morning with his Pacer, N4763A. Look for Bryan’s Pacer in Row 74w.

Bryan Hunt's 1956 Pacer, N
Bryan Hunt’s 1956 Pacer, N4763A.

Look for Jerry Isbell’s Pacer  along with a bunch of other Short Wingers from all over the country in Rows 63 and 64W.

Here’s a couple of Facebook reports from Jerry:

Sunday, July 28th: “Our more shortwings arrived Sunday and one Apache. Two pilots yet to arrive. Great visiting and a group dinner last night; we hired a school bus to take us there. It is still cold and Saturday night I was bundled up in the sleeping bag. We are parked in two rows west of the Hangar Cafe.

View of 63 &64W from Sunday July 28th, the day before AirVenture 2013 opened.

Here’s Jerry’s report from Monday morning, July 29th: “AirVenture day one has arrived. Two more ShortWings due in, one from Idaho one from Vermont. Low clouds with nice holes to let the sunshine in. By afternoon our clan will be complete.”

Monday morning in Rows 63 and 64W – Short Wings at AirVenture 2013


AirVenture 2013 SWPC Pictures

SWPC at AirVenture

Here’s a bunch of pictures of Short Wings set up for Oshkosh 2013 sent in by SWPC member Jerry Isbell.  Jerry arrived at OSH on Wednesday, July 24th to set up camp for himself along with several other Short Wingers. There’s a group of them set up in Row 64W if you want to stop by for a visit. Jerry noted that SWPC member, Jim Gardner, is typically one of the first Short Wingers to arrive at Oshkosh but not present this year. They had some rain on Thursday night and also on Friday but Jerry reported, “No leaks in my tent and no issues in our entire parking area.”

Saturday morning, Jerry wrote this update on the SWPC Facebook page: “Saturday update KOSH. Was 58 degrees this morning. Last night I slept in sweat clothes and socks and was ok. Heavy rain and thunder again late afternoon yesterday. Today three more of our clan arrive from VT California and Michigan. KOSH is slowly coming alive.”

Thanks, Jerry, for keeping us up to date on our Facebook page and letting us post your Oshkosh pictures and updates on the website!

The pictures shown below are thumbnail images so are somewhat cropped. To view full size, please click on any picture. Clicking on a picture also allows you to view the gallery as a slideshow. Enjoy!