Technical Documents Now on our SWPC Website!

Here’s an exciting announcement – most of our extensive collection of Short Wing Piper technical documents are now up on our website available for SWPC Members to view and download!

The documents were on our old website but were rather difficult to find as they were buried in the Forums and most people didn’t know where they were. Now, however, they are easy to find through our Technical page and can be viewed by SWPC members! You will find at our Maintenance Data Depot an extensive collection of ADs, Type Certificate Data Sheets, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, Service Memos and a collection of Miscellaneous Maintenance documents. Soon to come are more ADs as well as STCs and 337s.

Not only are the documents easy to find, they are well organized due to the great volunteer work of Tom Anderson and Ralph Gutowski who put in many hours on this project. Thanks Tom and Ralph!

In order to view the documents, you must be a current SWPC member and logged in on our website. If you don’t remember how to log in, click HERE for instructions.

Just a note: If you just joined the SWPC, it may take a day or two for you to get set up in the website’s system so you can access the Maintenance Data Depot.

Please also note: These forms and data are made available “As Is,” without any claim or guarantee as to fitness or applicability. Use of this data is the sole responsibility of the user who holds-harmless the Short Wing Piper Club, its officers, and members, who provided the information. By using these data, the user accepts these terms and conditions.

Here are three different ways to find the Maintenance Data Depot main page:

  • Click on the Technical Page menu where you will find a link to the Maintenance Data Depot page. Click on the link to find the Maintenance Data Depot.
  • Navigate directly to the Maintenance Data Depot page through the Technical pull down menu in the blue navigation bar at the top of any website page
  • Click HERE and go directly to the Maintenance Data Depot.

MX Data Depot visual


SWPC Store Manager's Special

Here’s a great deal offered at our SWPC Store! Not only is this a great deal, profits from this special offer (and all other store purchases) support the future of aviation through our Education Foundation!

While supplies last – TEN assorted SWPC Logo hats shipped to one location for $100.00! Please allow our store manager to pick the selection of hat colors for you. It’s likely that you will receive 3 black, 3 navy blue, 3 white, and 1 yellow cap featuring the special 2012 SWPC logo patch. This TEN hats for $100 deal INCLUDES SHIPPING!

Show your club’s pride!  Get a cap of your own and a bunch to share with friends!

This Special Offer expires 31 December 2013.

To purchase your lot of TEN SWPC hats, click HERE.

Ten SWPC Hats Special


California SWPC Chapter News – October 2013

Following is the California Chapter’s newsletter from October 29, 2013.

If you miss an event, there will be others you can join in on.  We look forward to seeing you.  If you have a suggestion for a fly-in, be sure to contact us.  Look for our chapter reports in the next issue of the Short Wing Piper News and be sure to check out the Club’s new website!

Thank you to Rick Lach for hosting September’s fly-in. Jim Thames met Rick and got a chance to see his Tri-Pacer or perhaps we should say Tri-Pacers. One is flying and the other two are projects. Kern Valley Airport has a wonderful campground complete with a somewhat rustic, but functional, shower.

Jim Thames and Linda Cochran attended the California Capital Airshow at Mather Field in October. We understand there was supposed to be a Short Wing on the field, but we did not come across it during our time there on Saturday. This was a fun event, and we look forward to attending next year.

A reminder of the upcoming event on November 2: we hope you will be joining us in the fly-in to Shafter-Minter Field (KMIT). This is in conjunction with the event being held at Minter Field Air Museum. Elinor Otto, a WWII ‘Rosie the Riveter’, and Pearl Judd, a WWI WASP stationed at Minter Field during the War, will be the special guests. Breakfast will be served from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m. Each aircraft flying in receives 2 tickets for a free breakfast. Registration can be done by sending us an e-mail so we might have a section set aside for Short Wings or you may go online and register at If you do not fly, the regular price for breakfast is $5.00. There will also be spot landing and flour bombing contests. It should be a great day.

We would like to welcome our newest members, Alta and Bob Morris in Turlock, California. Bob said he had previously owned a Tri-Pacer and two Vagabonds. Currently, he is one of the partners in a Mini-Max. Bob also told us that the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) in Modesto does a breakfast the second Saturday of each month, so if you are in the neighborhood, stop in. Their website also mentions lunch on all the other Saturdays — If you don’t get there on your own, we will be putting this destination on the calendar next year.

As attendance has been waning as the year is, we will not post an event for December. With the holidays and weather possibly becoming more of an issue, it was decided that any flying event would be iffy, at best. In the meantime, if you are planning a weekend flying destination and want to make others aware of it, you can always post these on our facebook page at

Please feel free to contact us any time by e-mail at

Happy Flying!

Copyright © 2013 SWPC California Chapter, All rights reserved.

Flying on a Fall Day

SWPC Member, Bryan Hunt, recently posted a flying video to the Club’s Facebook page along with the note, “First attempt at creating, uploading and posting a GoPro video… Hope it works”

The video not only works, it’s absolutely awesome and serves as a great inspiration to get out and fly! The video depicts a flight over the countryside at and near Bryan’s home airport in Northern Illinois. Bryan flies a Piper Pacer, N4763A.


If you are not able to see the video below, you can also click on this link: to go directly to YouTube to view the video.

VP & Treasurer Positions up for Election

Here’s a note from our Short Wing Piper News editor, Eleanor Mills, which was published in the November/December 2014 issue of the SWP News. 

Put your thinking caps on and check out the 2014 SWPC Nomination Form on page 90 of this issue [please see attachment link below]. Two officers are up for election — for the vice presidency and the treasurer’s position. You can nominate the incumbents if you think they have done a good job, you can nominate yourself if you want to help the club in either of those positions, or you can nominate someone else you think would do a good job. It’s one of the chances you have during the year to make your voice heard. (Voting in the election is another one, and so is just sending off an email to the board with your comments or questions.)


To print, click on the 2014 SWPC Nomination Form to open in a new window.

Nominations must be received by SWPC Recording Secretary, Art Weisberger,  no later than January 10th

2014 Nomination Form


Education Foundation Donation Honors Daughter's Solo Flight

Here’s some news from Larry Jenkins, our SWP Education Foundation Director about a wonderful donation to the Education Foundation.

Larry writes, “Isaac Faibisoff made a nice donation to the Education Foundation honoring his daughter Ruti for her first solo in a glider on 27 October 2013.  What a novel idea.  We do still have young people who love aviation, and with a parent’s strong support, I feel sure we will hear of even greater accomplishments by Ruti in the future.  Our warmest congratulations to Ruti, and now that you have made this aviation accomplishment, we wish you even higher altitudes, in aviation, with blue skies!”

Here's a picture of Ruti beside the 2-33A she just soloed in, right after her landing.
Here’s a picture of Ruti beside the 2-33A she just soloed in, right after her landing.

If you want to make a donation in honor of someone, visit our Donate to the Education Foundation page at our Store.

If you make a donation to honor someone’s aviation accomplishment, we’d love to hear the details! Send details (pictures and even a short story would be great, too!) to our Education Foundation Director, Larry Jenkins. You can contact Larry though our Contact Us page.