Barbecue, Ice Cream, and Pacer—oh MY!

When:  SATURDAY October 7 at 11:00  to 15:00 hours


Who:  SWPC members, Guests, General Public, Pilots, Pilot wannabe’s, Student Pilots, and anybody else this doesn’t cover.

WHY:   To SEE, SUPPORT, and encourage the rebuilding project of the late Mary Feik’s Piper Pacer (click her name to see more about her on Wikipedia)

She was truly an aviation pioneer.  The rebuild is being done by DC teenagers through a program started by Build a Plane.   This is integrated as part of their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education.  These are the SWPC members of tomorrow who will keep our treasures airworthy and flying. They are ably assisted by two of our members and their A&P and IA. Melinda Viteri and Lucy Mencia.  They also said contributions to the project are welcome at the event, as well as pot luck food.


Washington Executive Airpark W32


If you are flying, you probably already know how to do that.  Put W32 into your GPS, and don’t forget to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW.

Drivers, go to 10399 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD 20735. and use GATE #1

“Come and join us for some lovely food, see the plane the students are building, chat with like-minded aviation friends and enthusiasts,” Lucy and Melinda said. “Fly in or drive in. If you fly in you must have an SFRA flight plan and FRZ pin code for landing.  This is vital, and takes a bit of preparation.

If you’ve NEVER done that (author has not and had to look it up) here is LINK to how to do that.

If you drive we have plenty of parking spaces. We hope to see you there. Please RSVP by email to Melinda at”
A story and some photos of the students with the restoration underway will be in the October-November-December issue of SWPN, soon to be on the website and sent to E-News Only members and soon thereafter to be mailed to the rest of the members.
Happy Landings
Bob Finlay N7750D
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