Short Wing Piper Education Foundation

Education Foundation

The Short Wing Piper Education Foundation, Inc. was established in 1990, incorporated in 1994 and awarded its first scholarships in 1996. Since then, scholarships have been awarded annually to a select few individuals each year at the Short Wing Piper Club National Convention. Our Education Foundation Scholarship recipients have gone on to be professional pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft mechanics and to work in other aviation related fields. Scholarships are funded by The Club’s Online Store’s net income, donations from Short Wing Piper Chapters, Club Members and others who generously support the future of aviation and our wonderful Short Wing Pipers!

The Education Foundation is strongly supported by SWPClub membership and the Club’s Online Store. Club By-laws promise a minimum 50% donation from the Club’s Store’s annual net sales. However, The Foundation remains a separate entity from Short Wing Piper Club, Inc.

Download the Short Wing Piper Educational Brochure PDF

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Interested in applying?

The Foundation accepts applications from two groups of students:

  1.  Interested College and/or Trade School applicants should be a senior in high school or high school graduate pursuing an aviation-related career.
  2. Interested youth from about 10 to 18 years of age interested in attending a relative-to-age aviation program.                                                                                                                                                                                           Please, call and/or e-mail the Foundation Manager, Lou Reinkens, for more information regarding your specific aviation interests:                           855-797-2411                                                                                                                                                                             All student applicants must be sponsored by a SWPC Member or Chapter. The application deadline is May 31. Click HERE for Scholarship FAQs and an application.

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Make a Difference!

Want to support the future of aviation? The SWP Education Foundation is funded through donations and purchases made at the SWPC Store. Click HERE to make a donation or hop on over to the Store and shop a bit – and help support the future of aviation in the process! [/sws_grey_box] [/sws_2_columns_last]

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Past Recipients

The Education Foundation, founded in 1990,  has been awarding scholarships since 1996. Scholarship recipients have gone on to establish themselves in many different aviation careers. Click HERE for a listing of past Short Wing Piper Education Foundation Scholarship recipients.

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Contact SWP Education Foundation Manager, Lou Reinkens, if you have questions about the the application process, sponsoring a candidate, making a donation or any other Education Foundation related questions.  855-797-2411  (24/7)
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