Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the Short Wing Piper Club and SWPC Website.

How do I log in to the SWPC Website?

If this is your first time logging in, from any page, click on Member Login in the blue navigation bar and enter your email address and member number in the password box.

Click HERE for full directions for logging in to the SWPC Website

Where can I find my SWPC Membership Number?

The easiest place to find your member number is on the mailing label of your Short Wing Piper News. Just above your name you will find your Membership Number.

Do I have to own a Short Wing Piper to be a member of the Short Wing Piper Club?

Not at all. Membership in the SWPC is open to all persons who own, fly or are interested in the Piper Vagabond, Clipper, Pacer, Colt, and Tri-Pacer.


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