The Short Wing Piper Club began as the result of a chance meeting of four Tri-Pacer owners on a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1978, appropriately enough, at an airport. A time of hangar flying and tire kicking led to the eventual establishment of a club with international membership. Now, nearly 35 years later, The Short Wing Piper Club boasts over 1,350 members who are kept in close contact by the Club’s bi-monthly magazine, The Short Wing Piper News, the Club’s website and the forums and e-mail lists that go along with it, an active Facebook page and the annual SWPC Convention.

Here at the History section of our website you can find detailed information about the Club’s early history, search through archives, learn about our Hall of Honor, discover information on past conventions and more!

Are you looking for Short Wing Piper Club History but can’t find it here? Please contact our Website Content Manager and let us know!


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Early History

Interested in knowing about the early history of the Short Wing Piper Club and how it came to be? Click HERE for details of how the Club started and some highlights of the Club’s first 25 years.

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Hall of Honor

The Honor Roll formally recognizes members who are making or have made significant contributions to our Club. Click HERE to read about the Honor Roll, find requirements for nominating someone and to see a list of recipients. [/sws_grey_box] [/sws_2_columns_last]


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SWPC Archives

Interested in awards other than Hall of Honor or Aircraft Awards? How about finding out who served as SWPC President? We’ll be adding to our archives often. Click HERE to see what we have on our archives page right now.

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Past Conventions

Each year since 1981, members of the Short Wing Piper Club have gathered together for the Short Wing Piper Club’s annual Convention. Click HERE to see a listing of all of our conventions since the start.

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