President’s Update

                                   June 2017                                  Happy Summer Flying!

 To Our SWPC Members & Website Visitors

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, here we are!
June 11-15, 2017’s Convention has begun   Precedes Sentimental Journey. Our Short Wing Piper Homecoming has Rich Capese, President of our Mid-Atlantic Chapter, in the left seat. And the SWPC Display at the Piper Aviation Museum at Lock Haven PA will be completed with updates at that time.                    Plan a great side trip to         Sentimental Journey June 20 – 25 & join us                                 Wednesday, June 21st                                1st day of SUMMER!

                        June 21, 2017 at 10am ET                                                   Continental B’fast                                                       Piper Aviation   Museum                            Buy, Build, & Fly Forum 

Call Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center: 717-299-5500                     2300 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster PA 17602                                      This Hotel is currently receiving a $20 million Upgrade!                                                       To be Completed ASAP  & toute the                                                                                       Wyndham Name & Benefits                                                        Rates: $119 Single; $129 Double; $145 Triple; $159 Quad                                                   (All Include a Full B’fast Daily)                                             Smoketown Airport (S37)

                      Note: Be sure to reserve under our Group Name:                                                                     “Short Wing Piper Club”


Thank you for continuing to support our Annual Reunion

See you at Lancaster, Smoketown Airport & Lock Haven,                                

~Connie                                                                                   __________________________________________________________________________

Our SWPC Technical Forum is awaiting your visit Online with Tom Anderson as Moderator. We are considering setting our Forum in the Members Only area with the opportunity for Guests.

For our Guests, nothing will change. You will still have to sign in. Your sign in will be as a Guest, though.

For our Members, this will remove your requirement to also sign in for each use on the Forum. Clearly, a benefit for our Members.

Credit Cards remain welcome for our 2017 PENNSYLVANIA Online registration is open NOW. This is a great opportunity to visit with friends, make new friends, and meet SWPs!

Getting to know our Club volunteers is always Fun! When able, please, Thank our Managers for their service:                                                  ~  Dan Miller, SWPC Online Store                                                                           ~  Eleanor Mills, SWPC Membership & The SWPNews Editor                   ~  Ira Rampil, SWPC Website                                                                                         ~  Lou Reinkens, Short Wing Piper Education Foundation                           ~  Terry & Claire Karlson, SWPC Tool Librarians                                            ~  Adolph Svec, Interim Chapter Coordinator

    FYI: Long-time Club member, Foundation Scholar Sponsor, former                                     Store Manager and Chapter Coordinator                                                         Adolph Svec is currently serving our Club as our                             SWPC Vice-President! June 2016-June 2018

Yes, indeed, we are all very busy making every effort to                    meet your expectations

Are you a CFI, CFII, IA, A&P or perhaps you have a lot of hours in SWPs
Your Club needs you!
New & Potential SWP owners & pilots need you!
It’s just  good business to refer SWP Owners to you for
Flight Techniques & Differences       
Preparation & Familiarization with a SWP                                 Training & Reviews                             Owner Maintenance & Repairs

Welcome! Jim Price (Kansas) our first CFI on our Tech Adviser’s Group. Jim focuses mainly on SWP tail-wheel techniques & skills


Welcome to The SWPC E-NEWSltr

 The first issue of our SWPC E-NEWSltr arrived April 1, 2016. Touch & Go is off to a great start. We are aware that while our financial status continues to change, we must remain financially conservative. Therefore, we will wait at least two more years to reconsider our financial trend to reinstate our hovering two issues of The News magazine.  In the mean time, our E-NEWSltr will be our supplement to The NEWS.  Check it out! Your first issue was e-mailed in April 2016 and arrived – with your e-mail security’s permission. See it Online now on our Home Page under News>Touch & Go/E-NEWSltr.

This Year’s first Issue is planned to be out in May. So, please, let it in to your e-mail address on file. If not, please, advise me ASAP that you do not wish to receive it and we will remove you from our list or simply click the ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the last page. FYI: All members and guests to our Type Club Tents at Sun-n-Fun and AirVenture have received our first publication; about 1,200 aviation SWP enthusiasts. If you are not receiving it and would like to, please, send your e-mail address to me and I will add your information.

Familiar with Advertising? 
Your Club needs you!
Help our Club Find New Advertisers for 

The News!   The E-Newsltr!   The Website!
It’s just good business to find additional Support for our Communications & Outreach to New Members
Contact Eleanor, Membership Manager, with ideas:


Our refreshed Foundation Brochure is in the distribution phase! Sun-n-Fun & AirVenture visitors are interested.

Sentimental Journey 2017 will host our information at the Museum & the SWPC Table. Perhaps YOU will be there to help distribute both Club and Foundation information and most importantly, our June 2017 Reunion in Pennsylvania, and AirVenture at Oshkosh WI in July 2017 . Please, attend our Club 2017 Forums and collect a few brochures & magazines to give to students, their families, potential volunteers & new members, interested persons and donors for SWPC Membership & Support options.

Did you know that as a SWPC Member, you can advertise in The News for free with few limitations?  As a Member, you can borrow Tools and CDs from our Library! Just pay for Shipping.

Also, consider making every year a Gift it back to Aviation through the SWP Education Foundation, a Chapter, and/or our Convention with your time, products, services, and/or financial support. Gifts to the Club, our Convention, and The SWP Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charity are all greatly appreciated.  Your consideration of support for our Aviation Students and your donations to the Foundation ARE likely tax-deductible. Check with your Accountant. Send your 2017 Donation before December 31st and enjoy the benefits allowable while helping the next generation of Aviators.

We sure appreciate your support to assist our current 6 Scholars and of course, The Foundation!

                    Buy, Build, and Fly Affordable Certified Rides                       STOP BY AND PARTICIPATE

Sun-n-Fun (April), SWPC Annual Convention (June), Sentimental Journey (June), and AirVenture (July) are our Club’s current venues for our “Buy, Build, and Fly – the Affordable Certified Ride” Forum and our Club Outreach for new members: both people and SWPs. This Program was developed, written & presented by SWPC President Connie Stevens in 2013. With SWPC At-Large Director Clyde Smith, Jr., we advise, encourage, educate, and promote SWPC memberships, restorations, flight safety and camaraderie. Join us and join in the fun and interesting discussions about our SWPs. These well-attended Forums are audience driven.

In EAA’s Oct 2016 Sport Aviation Magazine, pg 82 is a Texas-based 1955 PA22-150. N1703P was nicely highlighted in a story well-written about his “Treasured Tri-Pacer”. SWPC Member and Tri-Pacer Owner Jim Calamon invested 3-years of focus & action to fly his Treasure. Jim credits “great support through the Short Wing Piper Club”. Take a minute and take notice of his pride and joy. N1703P also has a “Brittain autopilot under an STC from the early 90’s”. We Thank You! Jim, for your continued SWPC support.

Also, take a look at EAA’s July 2015 Sport Aviation issue for an excellent article with greater detail and focus on SWPs. The article, “Beating the Costs of Flying, affordable entry-level aircraft” written by Budd Davisson on pages 70-78 says it all for yesterday’s and today’s Affordable Certified Rides . Here you will find 4 of our 5 Short Wing Pipers featured. After several decades, the main differences are new technology and inflation. Yet, SWPs are still the most affordable aircraft on the certified market.

If you notice an article referencing any SWPs, please, let us know because we would like to include information about any & all in the News and here on our Website.

The Store

Dan Miller, our Store Manager, announces that our Store’s existence is essential for Foundation support. 50% minimum of The Store’s net proceeds are donated by the Club to support Foundation Scholarships. Buying from The Store & supporting our Annual Convention sustains both our Club and Foundation.

Thank you! for your continued support.


          “Not to exceed $3,000” was determined by our Club Board of Directors to be our initial 2016 donation to the Short Wing Piper Education Foundation. This amount is an estimate of 50% of our 2016 Online Store Net Sales plus Online EF Donations collected by the Club & our Membership Manager. The Club’s donation is presented within the first Quarter following the closing calendar year.  Then, any balance due to be processed following the final financial Statement Filings should be issued within 30 days.

It’s not too late for you to donate and increase our Foundation Scholarship Funds for 2017/2018 Aviation Students

Pennsylvania, here we come!
June 11-15, 2017

                    Join us for Great Fun                            Mid-Atlantic Chapter Hospitality                           Online Registration                         is available NOW! 

Register ASAP to allow us the necessary time to plan for SWPC’s 39th Annual Celebration


Plan ahead for 2017 & 2018 SWPC Conventions:

  1. Pennsylvania, here we come!
    2017’s Convention in June is on the books for Lancaster PA and will precede Sentimental Journey in Lock Haven. Our Short Wing Piper Homecoming has Rich Capese, President of our Mid-Atlantic Chapter, in the left seat. And the SWPC Display at the Piper Aviation Museum at Lock Haven PA should be completed with updates at that time, finances permitting. Plan your great side trip before or attend Sentimental Journey the week following our Lancaster Convention. Either way, we look forward to seeing YOU.
  2. Are you interested in assisting at 2018’s SWPC Reunion? Think about it and give us a heads-up. North Central US is our goal for our 40th year Club Celebration.  Currently, we are planning for Michigan with the assistance of Chapter President & former National President, Garry Butler. For more information, contact Adolph Svec, Club VP:
  3. 2019 may take us to the Northwest, again, possibly Hood River, Oregon
  4. 2020 might take us to OSH and AirVenture

A very special Thank you to the hundreds of SWPC volunteers that keep our Club up and about. From your Board of Directors and Staff to Chapters, from our Annual Convention to other National & Regional Fly-Ins, from day-to-day aviation projects to sharing knowledge and experience – none of these efforts go unnoticed. You, our former leadership, staff, and past & current members have our serious and sincere appreciation for your continued support. We are where we are today because of YOU! 

I look forward to seeing you at the SWPC Forum and/or the Type Club Tent this next year at Sun-n-Fun, SWPC Convention, Sentimental Journey, and Oshkosh/ AirVenture. Please, stop by our Club Table in the Type Club Area and say “Hi!”

Wishing you and your family a warm, bright, clear-skied, calm winds. Wishing you many very Happy SWP Adventures that include Family & Flight,  Friendship & Laughter,
Connie                                                                                         855-797-2411